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Summary & Goals

LicenseNow is the fastest, safest way to license content directly on the internet. LicenseNow is a marketplace for content creators to connect with storytellers and buyers. The goal of our partnership with Catch&Release was to document the information architecture, create user flows (for both creators and buyers), and to build a landing page with a simple, modern design.


LicenseNow is a net-new product for Catch&Release, with many user flows and transactions. Creators and buyers have separate, unique experiences. Our team was brought on to consult on the different experiences and needs of the two user groups and design a platform that’s easy and intuitive enough for first-time users to navigate and trust with their creative work. Because this is a new digital product, we also needed to ensure Catch&Release’s vision on branding and visual language is evident through our designs. 


We worked collaboratively with the LicenseNow team to outline the project roadmap, determine user needs, and interview key stakeholders. We also advised on IT implementation, engineering and development, system architecture, and scoping to help launch the product. Through regular meetings with the team, we created a workable prototype to put in front of the broader product team.


We delivered high-fidelity designs for the LicenseNow onboarding flows, which will inform future rounds of testing and development in conjunction with the engineering team. This will allow Catch&Release to launch their product, grow their customer base, and continuously improve the platform. 

Digital Consulting
3-6 months

Project Management

Stakeholder & Customer Interviews

Low-Fidelity Wireframing

Visual Storyboarding

Design System Planning

UI Visual Design

Engineering Project Planning

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