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Summary & Goals

DataBuck is an autonomous data monitoring software developed by FirstEigen that automatically cleanses without any coding or rules writing. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the software can sense intricate changes in the data’s “DNA fingerprint” and automate 80% of the manual work of monitoring and validating the data. DataBuck autonomously sets thousands of validation checks without manual intervention. It’s 10x faster than any other tool or custom script and can validate an entire database or schema in just a few clicks. The initial goal of the partnership was to improve the overall UI/UX of the software and simplify the customer experience in preparation for the re:Invent AWS conference. Future milestones include future enhancements and continued research and testing. 


DataBuck is an essential tool to FirstEigen’s customers as it helps them manage complex data at scale. It’s critical that DataBuck users can view and manage the most important data and be easily explore each outcome. They also need to be able to obtain results quickly and be able to understand the data they’re looking at in order to accurately report on it. Our goal was to design a simpler navigation to help users get what they want in the fewest clicks possible. 


Our team created a new UI with custom branding to help users flow through each data results page. Through customer feedback sessions, we designed new pages with a more intuitive hierarchy of information and a more user-friendly look and feel with brand colors, shading, fonts, and logos. Each new feature was designed in collaboration with the DataBuck team through frequent meetings to gather feedback on iterations. 


FirstEigen’s goal was to introduce a modern, cutting-edge product. Together, we created a fresh new design for DataBuck with research-backed results. With this first phase complete, our next project will be to organize additional customer feedback sessions to inspire additional enhancements. 

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