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Staffing teams for a leading entertainment conglomerate across their suite of digital apps.


Summary & Goals

Digicel is partnering with us on an ongoing basis to lead the staffing and recruitment efforts of their product teams. As their corporation undergoes a major shift toward digitalization, Pixoul is helping to staff global teams across project management and product ownership disciplines. Our partnership is built around developing independent, high-value tech teams that will lead their next generation of mobile apps and commercialized products.

Challenges & On-Going Work

Digicel is a global workforce provider, and came to us with a unique ask—build distributed, remote tech teams that can lead the implementation of several emerging application products. The team would need to be flexible, adaptable, tech-forward, and able to collaboratively work across timezones and cultural boundaries.

Our continued work with Digicel includes sourcing for both full-time FTE employees, as well as 1099 contractors. In the former scenario, we're sourcing for candidates across disciplines for ideal culture-fit, while also serving as a payrolling service and third-party risk mitigation vendor in the latter scenario.

Our recruitment team is sourcing candidates globally, brining each candidate through an in-depth screening process built around behavioral-based interviewing, skills tests, case-study challenges, and additional assessments.

Staff Augmentation
12 months+

AI-augmented candidate sourcing

Skills & personality tests

Behavioral interviewing

Background checks

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