Start your design career

Learn from some of the most experienced designers in the industry and take part in exciting, real-world projects with Pixoul.


Learn outside the classroom with Design Academy

The low down—
Here's what you can expect from Design Academy™.
Hands on—

Work directly with Pixoul designers and clients to gain real-world experience.


Follow your own unique program set for you by your Design Academy advisor.


Learn how veterans work with leading businesses to solve creative challenges.

Remote enabled—

Shadow your Pixoul mentor from anywhere.

Forward thinking—

Future-proof your resume with proven design experiences for top brands.


Set your own hours so you can work and live while learning design at home.


Dana Cantrell


Design Academy connected me to so many talented individuals to fuel my growth.

Job security

Shortly after leaving Design Academy, I accepted a job at Google. My portfolio helped me stand out.

Unique opportunities

My first project combined app development with a physical space redesign. I learned so much!

Head start

Resume building

Design Academy jumpstarts your design career by exposing you to the latest tools and strategies of the design world, putting you heads and shoulders above competition for future positions.

Team Up

Perfect pairings

We pair you with a mentor whom you'll shadow throughout your cohot.

Christopher Dove
Customer experience designer

Google, Square, Airbnb

Sydney Jami
art director

Apple, Microsoft, Visa

Jason Pratik
user experience architect

Amazon, Kelly Services, Walmart

Jenny Fabiana
visual designer

Nationwide, Xerox, Uber

Emily Vance
product designer

Intel, Best Buy, Sysco

Joshua Abby
user experience designer

Tesla, IBM, The Home Depot


Culture of collaboration

Design Academy trains you to work with any team, anywhere.


Connect with other Design Academy participants through challenges and brainstorming sessions.

Real clients

Learn how to lead testing groups and research efforts for stakeholders and their users.


Work one-on-one with your mentor to build your portfolio with real Pixoul projects.

Tuition & Pricing

Basic Course

Fundamentals of UX research,  UX design, and visual design

Get paired side-by-side with industry experts

Estimated 360 hours of daily work, part-time or full-time

Course certificate

Advanced Course

Our "Basic" course,

Specialized learning paths for research, visual design, testing, and more

Additional one-on-one mentoring sessions

Additional career coaching support


Our "Advanced" course, PLUS:

Guaranteed job within six months of course completion or full refund*

Unlimited mentor support and coaching

Access to our employer network

*For eligibility requirements, please see our Pixoul Job Guarantee & Terms.

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