Design Thinking

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Find out what you don't know about your product and problem-solve through iterative collaboration.

See it in action—

A client case study.

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Get insights and results.

The Process

Our methodology

Design thinking gets to the heart of users’ desires and motivations—your greatest opportunities.


Listen to and research your users’ needs.


Brainstorm new, out-of-the-box solutions.


Evaluate your prototype and redefine any new problems you discovered.


Organize and analyze your users’ core problems.


Create and design solutions for a minimum viable product (MVP) and more.

A Case Study

Fueling a smarter
transportation industry

Los Angeles-based startup, Re:Fuel, worked with us to reimagine how busy office employees can fill up their gas tanks without ever leaving their desks.

"Working in a series of design sprints with the Pixoul team, they led us through the entire process—from ideation to delivery."

Jill Howard—
VP of Product Development
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