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How to leverage a staffing firm during a recession
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How to leverage a staffing firm during a recession

A staffing firm is your answer when it's time to add or replace critical employees. When the job market slows, you might not be able to find all the help you need through a simple posting on Monster or CareerBuilder. Time to call in the experts.

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Devon Fata
June 13, 2022

Recessions are often great times for companies to take a look at their staffing process. They can force companies to hire more cautiously, as well as look at how they recruit and onboard new employees. When used effectively, a staffing firm can help you make these important decisions, providing valuable insight into the most cost-effective way to fill your open positions without sacrificing quality talent. Here are some ways that a staffing firm can help during times of economic downturn:

Tap into a staffing firm's network.

The first benefit of working with a staffing firm is that you have access to their network. If you're looking for someone who is the best fit for your company, recruiting firm can recommend candidates from their database. This can be especially helpful if you're experiencing high turnover or if there's a need for specialized skills that aren't readily available in your local area.

Staffers and recruiters can also provide quick access to talent when time is limited. For example, let's say that one of your employees gets sick and needs surgery immediately—staffing firms have connections to qualified temporary workers who can come in right away and fill important knowledge gaps.

Let a firm help you with the market research.

In order to find the right candidates and staff an organization during a recession, you need help from someone with experience. That is where a staffing firm comes into play. A recruiting agency can help you with market research by finding out which industries are hiring, what positions they’re offering and at what salary range. They can also conduct interviews with potential employees, which means less of your time wasted interviewing people who aren’t qualified for the job.

In addition to helping find good candidates for open positions, a recruiting firm can assist your company in getting more out of its current employees. For example, if there isn’t enough work available for everyone on staff (which often happens during recessions), then some individuals might need training so they can perform other tasks within their skill set while still being productive members of the team overall.

For example, Pixoul offers workshops on Design Thinking and the Design Thinking process. Our innovation workshops are custom-built to help employees recognize skill gaps, understand where their current thought processes are hampering their ability to be effective, and guide them through training to help them learn.

Take advantage of a recruiter's experience and industry knowledge.

Recruiters have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge that they can draw upon. As a result, they’re able to understand the job market and what employers are looking for.

A good recruiter will be able to give you an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate's resume. Not only can they provide feedback on accomplishments and skills, but they'll give insight into how well they expect a candidate to mesh with current team members.

Staffing firms offer employment resources for companies and job seekers during recessions.

In a recession, companies have to do more with less. This means that they need to make sure their employees are working as efficiently and effectively as possible while maintaining a low overhead cost.

Staffing firms can help your company find the right talent. They will be able to match you with the right candidates for your job openings, which saves time and money on the recruiting process.

Job seekers also benefit from staffing firms because they provide employment resources during recessions. Job seekers can sign up for free job alerts via email or text message so that they receive notifications about new positions in their field of expertise.

A staffing firm can help you interview your next hire.

A staffing firm can provide you with the technical aspects of the interview process. This includes:

  • Resumés, cover letters and portfolios
  • Discussing salary requirements or determining if candidates are a good fit for your open position
  • Coding challenges, skills tests, or other highly technical competency tests
  • HR compliance and federal law mandates

Staffing firms can also provide advice on soft skills during the interview process. This includes:

  • Confidence in asking questions to dig deeper into a candidate's work history, experience and skill set
  • Knowing when to ask personality-based questions such as what motivates someone to do his/her job well, etc. (Take our company-favorite free one here).

Ready to take the next step?

With the right staffing firm, you can get your next hire in place quickly with a proven track record of success. Contact Pixoul today to learn more about how we can help!

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Devon Fata

Devon is the Chief Executive of Pixoul LLC. He works closely with clients to explore new ways to capture key performance objectives, build habit-forming products, and improve digital product ROIs.

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