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The differences between UX and UI design

Is UX design more than just a pretty picture? Learn where UI and UX differ, and how both play a part in your bottom line KPIs.

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UX design and UI design are terms that are often interchanged, incorrectly defined and misinterpreted. Hiring the right web developer is critical to the success of any project. Pixoul is here to tell you the difference between UX and UI design and clearly define each role. Here is how to understand which designer you need to hire for your next project:

What is UX Design?

User experience (UX) design encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interactions with the company, its services and its products. Ultimately, the purpose of UX designers is to create efficient, relevant and all-around pleasant digital experiences for end-users. UX design is not about visuals, but it focuses on the feel of the website experience as a whole. Overall, you want a UX designer to focus on improving the quality of interactions.

What is UI Design?

User interface (UI) design primarily concerns the point of interaction between the user and the digital device or product. Your UI designer has the capability of designing things such as the touchscreen on your smartphone or the touchpad used to select the soft drink on the soda machine. This role is purely digital-based and considers the visual, interactive elements of a product interface.

The UI and UX Difference

Dain Miller said it perfectly when he said, “UI is the saddle, the stirrups and the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.” The main difference to keep in mind about UX and UI design is that UX is all about the overall feel of the experience, and UI is all about how the product’s interface functions. Both are essential, but a great product experience starts with UX followed by UI.

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