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Why you need UX design experts on your next digital project
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Why you need UX design experts on your next digital project

From better user experience and branding, to smarter web designs and improved conversions, having a UX design expert involved in your next digital app or project can be the perfect way to make sure that the end result meets all of your business goals and target audience expectations.

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Christiana Stankewitz
June 14, 2022

You're an expert on your product. You know how it works and what makes it special. And if you're running a business, you know the value of building something that customers love to use. But sometimes, even if you have all this expertise under one roof (and maybe even a few more roofs), you still need help. In fact, the most successful companies are always looking for ways to improve their products and services by listening to their customers and acting on those insights in new ways. As counterintuitive as it might seem at first glance, UX design is one of those ways—and it's becoming more important every day as technology changes how people interact with products and services around the world.

You are an expert on your product.

You might be an expert on your product. You know it inside and out, from the smallest detail to the broad strokes. But how much do you know about your customers? Do you know their needs? What they want from your product? How they interact with it?

You may be a subject matter expert when it comes to marketing, but UX design can help fill in gaps in knowledge that arise outside of this area of expertise. Good user experience design will take into account everything about known about your products and customers—and supplement that information with data analysis and interviews with users to ensure that all bases are covered.

A UX team is a multi-disciplinary team.

A strong UX team is a multi-disciplinary team. Look for an inclusive team who knows how to conduct user research, who can design good visual solutions and who can create prototypes of the product. These are all different skillsets, so it makes sense that you would need multiple people with those skills working together. If you have the budget for it, hiring a dedicated team might be the best option for your project—but even if you don’t, the Pixoul team can silo their skills and integrate within your existing teams too!

User experience designers (UX designers) will ask you uncomfortable questions and then turn the answers into a strategic product plan that takes all those uncertainties and turns them into business assets.

UX designers are trained to ask the right questions and then turn the answers into a strategic product plan that takes all those uncertainties and turns them into business assets.

They're also trained to ask uncomfortable questions in a way that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. Asking users about their deepest fears is one thing; asking these same users how they would feel about being asked these things is another matter entirely, making it crucial that UX designers understand both sides of each conversation they have with stakeholders or end-users (or both).

This kind of insight will help you better understand your customers' needs so that your products can meet their expectations, instead of just asking what people want without thinking through what they really need in order to continue using them over time (and potentially even recommending them).

UX designers will help you cut costs.

One of the best ways to cut costs is by having a UX designer on your team, whether as a contractor, vendor, or dedicated staff member. What that person does will save you time, money and headaches everywhere else in the business.

The following are just a few examples of how much UX design can help:

  • UX design is cheaper than development. A lot of people think that software development takes months or even years to complete, but that's only true if you're building an entire application from scratch without any user research or feedback. If you want your product or site to be successful—and users will love it—you need someone who understands how people use technology so they'll know what features they need most and how those features should work.
  • UX design is cheaper than marketing campaigns that don't work because no one wants them (or because there weren't enough users). Marketing teams spend millions trying to get people excited about products with poor user experience; if those companies had hired UX designers first, they'd have saved themselves all kinds of money over time!
  • UX design is cheaper than support calls from angry customers who can't figure out how something works while simultaneously wasting everyone's time due to lack of training beforehand...which leads me into my next point:

UX research helps you discover your customer's real needs and priorities, not just their wants.

When you’re developing a new product or service, it can be difficult to know whether your ideas are truly aligned with what the market wants. UX research is a key way of understanding what your customers need and want—not just the features they say they want, but also how they actually behave when using your product or service. Learn more.

To get started, we recommend conducting two types of user research: usability testing (where you watch people use your design) and surveys (where you ask users questions about their experience). Usability testing gives you insight into how well your design works as an interface for achieving goals; surveys help you understand more about who is using your product so that you can tailor it accordingly.

If you want to be the best at what you do, you need the best on your team too!

If you want to be the best at what you do, you need the best on your team too! Find ways to work collaboratively with a team of experts who share different perspectives but are committed to the same goal: listening to your customers and helping them solve their problems in new ways.

UX design experts are not just talented, they are excellent collaborators who bring their best ideas into the room. They have your best interests at heart and will help you build a better product that solves real needs, engages users and delivers value for all stakeholders involved.

No matter your goals, get in touch or check out our reviews on Clutch. We can help.

Get started.

At Pixoul, we're here to do just that. Our team integrates with yours in several ways. 1) As an agency, we'll leverage our on-hand talent to integrate directly with your team. They'll work with you directly, every day, to build a product that suits your customers, stakeholders, and other team members. 2) As a staffing partner, we can also help you find a permanent solution to your UX needs, by sourcing for a dedicated professional to bring onto your staff full-time.

Not ready to commit? That's okay. Check out our digital product guide to see our past work.

Profile pic of the author
Christiana Stankewitz

Christiana is Pixoul's Operations Coordinator, focusing on business flow and organization. Her goal is creating smooth and friendly relationships throughout our internal team and client teams.

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