Two paths, limitless options

Our unique approach of blending product design and development with staff augmentation
means you have endless opportunities to innovate and grow.

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Negate risk and ensure product success

We offer product expertise in two verticals: product innovation and talent management. We’ll help you find the right balance to support your next big initiative.

Choose a path

Choose between a vendor-managed project with full product support or a self-managed project that requires augmented specialists.

Get scaled up

We'll scale a digital team for your unique needs. Lean on our team of experts to build your vision, or create your own team that you can manage day-to-day.


We’ll execute on the deliverables and build an award-winning experience. On the staffing side, we'll manage the details and let your team get to work. 


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Path one

Digital product consulting

Our team of product specialists will guide through every stage of the product development lifecycle (PDLC). Expect to a comprehensive strategy, in-depth research, and the latest in design, development, and security standards.

Strategy & planning

Product design

Full stack development

Research & insights

Innovation workshops

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Path Two

Creative & technical staffing

Staff your team with peace of mind knowing it's hand-selected by experts in the field. We specialize in placing individuals for roles like Project Managers, UX Designers, Front- and Back-End Developers, Copywriters, and more.

Expert candidate vetting

Skill checks & assessments

Contractor staffing (1099)

Direct hire recruiting (W2)

Part-time or full-time

US or international

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Work with us

Let's build a more effective digital experience

Tell us about your unique project needs and a Pixoul product strategist
will reach out to get the conversation started.

Product consulting

Creative staffing

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