Innovation workshops

Harness the power of Design Thinking to bring innovation to your organization and digital products. Our workshops teach practical approaches to integrating Design Thinking, giving you the tools and processes to enhance every aspect of your digital offerings.

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Transform your business with Design Thinking

We believe Design Thinking should be at the core of every digital product, and it’s why we offer dedicated workshops to guiding businesses in harnessing these principles for extraordinary growth.

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Basic principles

Learn the fundamentals of Design Thinking and how to incorporate them into your business culture.


Develop a strategy for applying Design Thinking, including a full implementation plan.

Hands-on facilitation

We’ll facilitate a real-life design spring to solve your organization’s unique challenges.


Learn the basics of product innovation

Start your journey toward better design with a custom learning session on the Design Thinking methodology and ideas for implementing these practices for current and future projects. We’ll lead your team through real-world situations and explore how functional design can impact your bottom line.

Led by expert facilitators

Hosted in-person or remote

Built for groups or individuals

Interactive collaboration tools

Stakeholder value presentation

Learn innovation frameworks

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Rapid Ideation

Make an impact on your business

Learning Design Thinking is a game-changer for many organizations. But what comes next? We work with you to outline a long-term vision where design takes center stage. We’ll formulate a plan to insert Design Thinking principles at critical steps in your roadmap and gain buy-in from stakeholders.

Daily workshop sprints

Lightning talks

"How might we" statements

Experience mapping

Competitor audits

Crazy 8's design sessions

Immersive sessions

Take immediate action on existing challenges

We can help you test your hypotheses, focus on features, and clarify goals for your team. No matter where you are in a project, we can augment it with quick wins steeped in Design Thinking practices.

Rapid design iteration

Low- & hi-fidelity prototyping

Fast-paced concept testing

Rapid design iteration

Next-best-step analysis

Group retrospectives

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Case study promotion with UIs of compliance software
Case study

Healthcare Compliance Pros

Discover how we’re simplifying compliance for the healthcare industry and beyond.


Innovation workshop

What do I get out of a workshop, and who are they for?
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Our workshops are geared toward any team looking to improve upon its processes and think outside the confines of the usual red tape within their organization. Depending on your goals and needs, we host personalized (individual) workshops up to large corporate gatherings of 25+ contributors. Whether you're looking for specialized Design Thinking training, or an in-depth discovery session on the unique problems facing your organization, we'll create a lesson plan that's right for you.

What can I expect in an innovation workshop?
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Our workshops are meant to get your team working toward new solutions fast. Expect a high-energy, collaborative, and creative environment that prizes bold ideas and challenges the status quo. You don't need to come prepared with any knowledge of Design Thinking, all we ask is that you be prepared to discuss the challenges your team faces (as you see them), and keep an open mind—our goal is to challenge you, inspire you, and drive you toward productivity.

What does the overall workshop process look like?
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If you're already on a consulting project with us, workshops are likely a regular cadence for our work. Alternatively, we often host half-day, full-day, or multi-day events that we can cater toward your organizations specific goals and objectives. Get in touch with a Pixoul product strategist for more information.

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