Research & insights

Data informs every decision we make as we work to design profitable digital solutions. We perform comprehensive research to gain expert understanding of your product's competitive environment, and the purpose behind every user interaction to deliver a digital experience based on quality insights.

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Harness data to understand your audience

Great products can be built only through intensive research and prolific testing. Through our partnership with your team, we become product and user experts in order to identify opportunities for innovation and user pain points for greater adoption and satisfaction.

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In-depth discovery

Collet data, survey users, and perform audits that inform and support your product build with rich data.

Methodical testing

See the entire digital journey through your users' eyes and improve it with each new iteration.

Data-driven insights

See the impact of your digital product through qualitative and quantitative analyses.


Collect actionable data and insights

Our team of researchers will perform stakeholder interviews, lead persona discovery sessions, gather user sentiment, among other activities, to collect the necessary data to inform every aspect of your build. 

Stakeholder & user interviews

Ethnographic studies

Persona development

Empathy map workshops

Journey map development

Focus groups

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Wireframe designs.

Develop an MVP and iterate intelligently

Based on our research, we’ll begin working with the design team to create working concepts to test in front of real users and adapt the product based on their feedback and your objectives for the overall experience.

Low-fi wireframes

Functional prototypes

Service design

Interaction design

Information architecture

Concept development


Measure the impact

After launch, we’ll report on your product’s success with users through additional analysis and testing. We’ll continue to evaluate its impact and deliver relevant insights that help determine the course of future projects.

Concept testing

Usability testing

Performance analysis

A/B testing

Qual/quant surveys

Guerilla testing

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See how our team is helping make complex data management faster and easier with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Research & insights

How does research data affect my  project? Is it important?
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Research is perhaps the most important part of any project. At Pixoul, we believe that true innovation starts with an in-depth knowledge of your users' pain points and how a new product can help alleviate them. We recognize that successful product development is centered around an intimate understanding of the current product-market climate, an appreciation for existing solutions, and a creative approach toward new alternatives.

What kind of testing can you do?
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Our team creates a comprehensive research plan that's unique to each project. Across the axes of attitudinal and behavioral, as well as qualitative and quantitative, we employ hundreds of testing methods that ensure we have a robust view of your industry, audience, and potential market impact. Our capabilities can range from common testing methods like user sentiment analysis and usability testing, to more nuanced approaches like heat maps, eye tracking, rage-click analytics, and more.

What does the overall project research process look like?
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We're happy to walk through your specific needs and how we might structure a timeline that meets your goals and objectives. Get in touch with a Pixoul product strategist for more information.

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