Strategy & planning

Strategy is the guiding vision that defines all the work we do together. It's the most important step to developing a successful digital product, and the step where leaders provide critical input for carving paths forward. 

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Plot your roadmap to innovation

Bring focus and clarity to your digital projects with transformative project planning. Our comprehensive strategies will ensure you deliver on time and on budget.

Explore how we integrate strategy and planning into the overall project process. 

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Prioritized initiatives

Explore market opportunities and make informed decisions on mission-critical priorities. 

Internal alignment

Unify your leadership team around objectives, goals and KPIs. 

Actionable roadmap

Create a realistic, attainable series of outcomes to capture the big picture for your year.

Step One

Outline the vision

Start your project with a clear picture of what you want to achieve and why. Build a cohesive strategy for how to solve your customers' pain points and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Total product strategy

Business model canvasing

Current vs target gap analysis

Pricing strategy

Marketplace audit

Opportunity enablement

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Step two

Define the goals & objectives

Establish project success criteria and gain internal buy-in on vision and priorities. Discover cross-organizational challenges and align on a decision-making strategy.

Innovation workshops

Key stakeholder interviews

Project stage auditing

Development feasibility audits

Value-based design

Design Thinking frameworks

Step Three

Plot the digital roadmap

Outline key milestones and deliverables, and scale teams to execute on priorities.

Kanban roadmapping

Project planning documents

Working backwards briefs

Gantt charts

Remote team advising

Funding case development

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Case study promotion with UIs of media purchasing software
Case Study


Learn how we created an equitable marketplace platform for content creators and media buyers that simplifies digital rights management. 


Strategy & planning

What does the project discovery and kickoff process look like?
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Our first step is to scale the appropriate team. Next, we'll meet for an initial kickoff and document your project's planned stages, current knowledge and insights about your users, establish unknowns, considerations and dependencies, and define project success and possible roadblocks. Meanwhile, our team will be learning all there is to know about your industry, researching your organization and competitors, and brainstorming market positioning opportunities.

How will Pixoul work with my existing team and tech stack?
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Every project has unique needs. We'll scale a digital team that complements the resources you have internally. Pixoul has both project design and development capabilities, as well as staffing services that you can utilize if your project needs additional support. No matter who you currently have on your team or what technical environment you work in, we'll meet you there and scale for your outstanding needs.

How will you estimate the size and scope of my project?
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We're happy to walk through your specific needs and how we might structure a timeline that meets your goals and objectives. Get in touch with a Pixoul product strategist for more information.

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