Work from home (WFH)

Kollab is changing the way businesses communicate during COVID-19.

UX/UI, branding, usability testing

Original UI design shown courtesy of paid licensensure partnership.

The ask

Originally looking to build an internal work-from-home communication tool, Kollab engaged the Pixoul team to design and build a PWA (progressive web app). Eventually, Kollab decided to create a fully packaged and white-labeled messaging desktop application platform that they could sell as a SaaS (software as a service) product—a completely new offering for their business.

Our work included a competitive audit, UX (user experience) design, user flows and requirements gathering, the creation of a visual design system and component library, user and stakeholder interviews, brand strategy, a fully customizable frontend interface.

The process

We worked with the Kollab team through a series of design sprints, including taking their team from concept to product launch. Along the way we discovered shortcomings of current communication tools, as well as unmet needs from a broad range of audiences and user personas.

After defining for basic needs and challenging original assumptions, the Pixoul design team iterated across potential solutions.  We built sketches, wireframes, high-fidelity mocks, and prototypes to engage users and garner feedback. Simultaneously, we also tackled branding, project management, technology constraints, and marketing.

The result

Together with marketing, product, and development teams, we built a cohesive and useful product that is redefining how teams communicate, connect, and "kollaborate".


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Kollab is changing the way businesses communicate during COVID-19.

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