Connected home

SmartLife is using AI to build better and more homely spaces.

IoT (Internet of Things)
Physical space design, interaction design, UX/UI design

The ask

As one of the original pioneers of at-home smart device integrations, SmartLife was looking for a new to disrupt the IoT (internet of things) community. As a partner in both the digital and physical design space, Pixoul built an online dashboard and web app property to enable, track, and manage an entire suite of home connectivity devices.

Our work included a UX (user experience) design, UI (user interface) design, interior design, and architectural design.

The process

Using classic UX and Design Thinking techniques, Pixoul built the entire digital platform for the SmartLife connectivity app. With the advent and quick adoption of IoT devices, we were tasked with not just accommodating for current needs, but also designing around anticipated future industry trends.

To accommodate the launch and marketing campaign behind their new platform, the Pixoul team designed the physical stage and set for the SmartLife exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Touted as the global stage for innovation, SmartLife was a major attraction for the integration of smart technologies at CES.

The result

Slated originally as a concept application and design, SmartLife is beginning production of our connectivity platform, providing businesses and individuals with greater control, autonomy, and freedom of their smart devices.


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