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TaskTrak is giving startups greater control and transparency of their products.

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UX/UI design, staffing & recruitment

Original UI design shown courtesy of paid licensensure partnership with IOTask.

The ask

After receiving their initial Series A funding, the TaskTrak team worked in tandem with the Pixoul team to create abetter project management platform.

Our work included a UX (user experience) design, UI (user interface) design, full stack development, and creative staffing for: product managers, UX designers, creative directors, react developers, AWS developers, and C# developers.

The process

Utilizing Pixoul as both an agency and talent hub for in-demand skills, TaskTrak worked with Pixoul on their initial product build. With our agency team leading the majority of the design effort, our recruitment team worked with top tech talent in Silicon Valley and surrounding communities to build out a larger team that TaskTrak could rely on for the future of their product roadmap.

After vetting and hand-selecting a team with the necessary skill, experience, and expertise, TaskTrak onboarded our team on long-term contracts. Working in tandem with their already established teams, Pixoul contractors acted as a remote extension of their own team.

The result

Our work as both an agency and a staffing and recruitment firm with TaskTrak was critical for their success. Given their prominent importance, our contractor team has now been onboarded as full time employees within TaskTrak's internal team.


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