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YouFit is sprinting to the forefront of fitness influencer platforms.

Health & Wellness
Design systems, mobile app, analytics tracking

Original UI design shown courtesy of paid licensensure partnership.

The ask

Working as an on-demand, at-home gym service, YouFit looked to Pixoul to reinvent its image and platform structure to meet the demands of their younger users by providing content-rich interactions with a heavy emphasis on engagement with industry influencers.

Our work included a UX (user experience) design, UI (user interface) design, branding, analytics tracking, and user sentiment analysis.

The process

Beginning with stakeholder and user interviews, we explored the shortcomings of YouFit's current product offering, market positioning, and tech stack. Inspired by the common complaints in today's social media platforms, we iterated on a new media that focused solely on healthy living and stronger engagement with local celebrities, micro-influencers, nano-influencers.

Relying on gamification to create a rewarding and habit-forming experience, we worked alongside the YouFit team to begin an entire product development overhaul.

The result

YouFit engagement spiked after our product launch, and has seen consistently strong numbers—notably including increased rates for new users, returning users, and duration of use.


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